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06 November 2011 @ 05:47 pm
fic: "it's a beautiful, beautiful world - 03" - emmett/rosalie  
response to 30_fluffs challenge. remember! this is a oneshot collection, so no fic's related to the other whatsoever, unless I say so... =)

Title: "it's a beautiful, beautiful world - 03"
Author: ayumi_nb
Rating: PG
Words: 3,987
Characters/Pairings: Emmett/Rosalie
Theme/Prompt: #20 - morning
Warnings/AN: a sort of sequel to Twinsmom's fis "Creation"
Summary: It came down to this…
Disclaimer: not mine yadda yadda....

( As far as Rosalie remembered, mornings always brought good news for her... )

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